Fresh, funny, fancy, not freaky.

Our journey to understand the world.


It`s all about TEAM work. Most of the team members (camera, editing, sound, post-production) stick together for more than 20 years. The girl from Ipanema (camera), the British Bohemian from Hong Kong (camera), the sound-mixer from Hamburg, the senior editor in Hamburg – they all represent different countries, different cultures and different ideas.

It`s all about economy. We feel that ENTREPRENEURSHIP, new ideas and failure, are the cornerstones of society, of political and social development. One important part of our film-production is and has been TV-portraits of successful pioneers, many of them became global market leaders, trying to make the world better place. Role-Models – to name a few: Otto, Stihl, Leibinger, Berger, Plattner, Hopp, von Bechtolsheim, Würth. They all are still leading personalities in business. Champions. And all of them are also philanthropists. We are proud to mention: especially some of those film-portraits have been winners at National Television Awards.

It´s all about STORYTELLING. We believe: the world needs positive stories, more than ever. One aspect never changes: nothing is more interesting than people. How they think, how they work, how they dream, how they look, how they laugh.

It`s all about ENTERTAINMENT. Entertaining the audience seems to be the best way to learn about ideas and progress. At the same time it`s all about VALUES. Spreading the power of optimism, courage, credibility, and fairness. Or, as the great German chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, concluded, in one of our programs: “Man sollte das Ganze nicht so bierernst nehmen”. Sorry, hard to translate.